Development Of a Jealousy Scale in Romantic Relationship: A Validity and Reliability Scale

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The article presents the development and validation of a new measurement tool, the scale of Jealousy in romantic relationship (JRRS), designed to assess romantic jealousy in individuals aged 18 and above with or without a romantic relationship. The scale was developed through a literature review and tailored to the Turkish culture. The exploratory factor analysis revealed a three-dimensional structure, with the first dimension explaining 32.94% of the total variance, the second dimension explaining 11.34%, and the third dimension explaining 9.21%. The total variance explained by all three dimensions was 53.50%. The moderate correlation between the Anxious Attachment subdimension of the Experiences in Close Relationships Scale-Short Form (ECRS-SF) and the JRRS provided evidence of criterion-related validity, consistent with previous findings in the literature. As a result of the reliability analysis, the reliability value of the measurement tool was found to be .85 according to the Cronbach alpha. According to the sub-dimensions, reliability results were obtained as .83 for the social environment and past relationships factor, .83 for the jealousy perception factor and .71 for the perception of the waist factor. The JRRS was compared to other established scales measuring jealousy in romantic relationships, and the results further supported its reliability and validity. Overall, the study showed that the JRRS is a valid and reliable tool for assessing romantic jealousy in individuals.




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İpek, A. N., & Turhan, N. (2023). Development Of a Jealousy Scale in Romantic Relationship: A Validity and Reliability Scale. International Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, 10(3), 596–606.